Tuesday, 13 April 2010

15. Soviet Union propaganda. ’All hail the young pioneers – worthy next generation of Lenin-Stalinist Komsomol’

This is propaganda poster used in Latvia in late 1940’s or early 1950’s and was commissioned by Communist Party for displaying to society of Soviet Union, especially children, to recruit new pioneers and more importantly to influence their opinions of the Pioneers.

The poster is classical piece of soviet propaganda – Socialist realism, little text, symbols, usage of colours, and ideology. In soviet propaganda posters it was common to have little text so they were also effective in reaching the uneducated or in this case those who have not yet learned to read. Children in the poster are both genders and wearing different uniforms which indicates that pioneers are different and encourages different children to join – both sexes, various interests. All three pioneers are smiling and looking forward in same direction. Smiles symbolize being happy and proud of being a pioneer but fixed looks could have two meanings – they are eagerly looking forward to future, to communist World revolution thy hope to be part of or it is reference to the text that pioneers are anticipating being the ‘worthy next generation of Komsomol’. It also could be both meanings. The kerchief was three cornered with corners symbolizing the Communist Party, the Komsomol and the Pioneers.

It is no coincidence that Stalin is portrayed beside Lenin because it was commonly used emblem which indicates that Stalin is rightful successor of Lenin. The colour of the flag also is no contingency. Red colour was general symbol of communism (symbol of revolution) as was the star and sickle and hammer nonetheless it is uncommon that the said symbol is absent from this poster and that the red star appears only on the hat of one of pioneers. All these connotations combined makes clear message – being part of the Pioneers means being part of something bigger and it feels good, pioneers are proud of what they.

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